2013 – a year of hope

The fireworks are ringing the new year in from somewhere not too far but I think it’s great that I’m beginning something new myself – a new blog.

All day I’ve been thinking about my resolutions:
1. Finish that book and start the next one (and please don’t get sidetracked!)
2. Lose at least 5 kilos (I’m being realistic here, knowing what I can achieve)
3. Get organized and throw out all the junk I don’t need.
4. This is really important – catch up with all the old friends I’ve been dying to meet the whole year.
5. Put all the poems I’ve scribbled in various notebooks into my computer so that I can publish my next collection.
6. This is really important too – update my website! Can you believe it, this resolution has been pending for two years? Shocking!
7. Keep a reading log and review some of those wonderful books that gave me so much food for thought.

This is my lucky seven and I hope going public will force me to stick to my goals.
I’m going to review this list in March and see how far I’ve maintained my resolutions.

And…since I see the new year as a year of hope, I have a wish list too:
1. Less crime reported in the daily newspaper. How I wish I didn’t have to encounter those heart rending rapes and sickening mindless murders.
2. Less noise
3. Cleaner public places
4. Sincerity in politicians and other public figures (is it asking too much?)
5. That the book gets published.

I’m asking more from myself than the world at large and hopefully I won’t disappoint myself.
The New Year is already 36 seconds old, I need to get cracking!
Good luck to all for their resolutions and wish lists!


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