There is a place

where jewelled cobwebs

dot the hillside

my father’s smile

never wavers

and the rocks

feel solid beneath my feet.

The mist swirls in the valleys

a potent sea

spewing stories

which my brother

conjures out of the vaporous void.

A magician

spinning a different web each day.

And yet it is I

who tell tales now.

Fishing in that timeless sea

of the past


old shoes

a rotted corpse

but sometimes

a pearl within an oyster…



Today, as my grandaughter Adya and I made a little garland of jasmine flowers together, I was remined of a poem I wrote a long time back. Flowers have always given me pleasure, reminded me of nature’s harmony and brought peace as I contemplate them in any form.

Flowers, they are simply amazing,DSC02212

They can bloom everywhere. Nod

sedately beside my patch of lawn,

spread luxuriously on the grass on the hillside,

even astonish an arid desert with their wanton colours.

They can waft their scent through my window

as they wind around a pillar

working their way up to the sky perhaps,

where no doubt they will turn into stars.

Sometimes they spread themselves beneath my feet

ornamenting a carpet. Or

wrap themselves around me

brightening the kurta I carelessly pluck from my cupboard. December 06 001

Sometimes they alight on the cup from which I sip tea

or nestle on my daughter’s gleaming locks, containing

a wayward curl. They

have even been known to march up the walls of a room

or engrave themselves on a box of wood or marble.


Bejewel a necklace, an earring, even a bracelet,

disembodied, they squeeze their essence into a perfume bottle

or scent the sighs of a desperate lover.

Flowers they are simply amazing

they turn this mundane world into a magical garden.



Tranquillity is the scent of pines

rain sodden… 



nodding to the wind

in silent camaraderie

blades of grass

slicing the air

soundless as light.


Banana fronds





in a dance

to an unheard song.


Black clouds upon white

pale sky

scattering sunlight

in innumerable motes of light

touching my face

with a warmth

so deep

that it remains with me forever…



Summer flowers


Golden chandeliers

Under a fierce blue sky

Shading me softly from the sun’s heat

Swinging serene in the burning wind

Your movement a dance

Soothing weary eyes

Making me forget the scorching air

The sandpaper dust on my cheek



It is almost worth the summer’s heat

To see you bloom so gloriously

And walk on tiptoe beneath your shade

Like a princess,

Under a canopy of golden lace.